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Question 1:  If a monkey can eat 5 ice cream bars per minute while Tom can only eat 4 ice cream bars per minute, how many ice cream bars will both eat in 10 minutes?

Answer Choices (Question 1):

90    100    110    120

Question 2:  Jimmy has four brothers, whose names are Johnny, Sammy, Wally, and Moe. He also has two sisters: Molly and Sally. How many siblings does Sally have?

Answer Choices (Question 2):

4    5    6    7

Question 3:  Sam is making a hole in his front yard with a bulldozer. Each bulldozer scoop removes 10 cubic feet of dirt. Sam does 20 scoops. How many cubic feet of dirt are in the hole?

Answer Choices (Question 3):

0    10    20    200

Question 4:  Which of the following is not a polygon?

Answer Choices (Question 4):


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